The old Pong game can be played now on a smart table

Pong is one of the first video games of all times, and that experience is now available in the form of a smart table.

Many believe that Pong is the first video game. This game has been implemented in standalone gaming consoles since 1972 and is the intellectual property of those from Atari. Although the graphics of the game is from 45 years ago and it is no longer suitable for modern systems or current consoles, it doesn’t mean that it no longer can find place in gamer’s home that like this type of game - start amazing gaming experience.

Starting from this premise, a group of passionate engineers have created a real Pong table that reminds us of fussball tables. This one is much smarter and for now is seeking Kickstarter funding. With an oversized design of a coffee table, the creation can be purchases during the campaign on the amount of 1100 dollars. Most likely, in stores this creation will get at a higher price.

The new Pong table will incorporate a combination of advanced technology and simple mechanical elements. They will include magnets, motors, optical sensors and many other tools to recreate the experience of the 1972 title in the comfort of your own home- click to play.

In order that the table to be multifunctional, it’s easy to hide the controls when you are not playing with them. In addition, there are included in this imposing housing USB charging ports and a powerful audio system with Bluetooth connectivity.

Thus, you will be able to listen to your favorite music from your mobile and at the same time beat your best friend at Pong. Although it is unlikely that such a system lend itself to a modern game room, a coin operation mode is also included in order to recover your investment - find best game ever.

The Pong brand placed on the sides of the table is optional, although this offers a particular charm to remember you that you own a licensed product from Atari.

The campaign has already exceed its target of $250,000 and the first copies of this Pong table will be delivered in December this year.